SOtM tX-USBUltra is one of Advanced series II products; sMS-200, tX-USBUltra, sPS-500 and other upcoming products, it is designed to work with any Ultra High end USB audio devices.  Simply saying that tX-USBultra is a USB audio signal regenerator. It is a combination of already well known tX-USBhubIN USB audio card with the newly upgraded sCLK-EX clock board,  they were installed into a specially designed case which can be defined as a compact and attractive design.  tX-USBUltra is essentially needed to enhance sound quality very much from any USB port on the server side to USB DACs It reduces jitter generated from USB audio host device by the USB audio signal clock, sCLK-EX, and reproduces the power of USB output port by Ultra Low Noise Regulator. So that it could upgrade your current USB audio device system to the higher level of sound system presenting the analog elements such as natural, detailed and dynamic sounds covering on the wide stage besides the negative aspect of digital sound elements. If you want to bring the utmost sound solution of USB audio device or upgrade your current system to the higher level, the tX-USBultra could be the solution.